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High Quality UPVC Doors & Windows.

We at Ramison curate luxury and provide it at the comfort of your home.

To live in a house is luxury, but to live in a home is pure bliss. We at Ramison curate luxury and provide it at the comfort of your home. We craft happiness in the form of high quality uPVC doors and windows. Right from the design and manufacturing to on-time delivery and installation, we aim at making every step smooth for our customers. With over 20 years of warranty, our products are low maintenance and environment-friendly.



Design Freedom

A creative assortment of profiles mixed & matched with combinations like bays, coupled windows, combination windows, etc is our forte

Multiple Series - More Choices

We offer options to combine different varieties of profiles These can be combined in a single property as they are aesthetically similar and structurally


Looks matter the most With this understanding, Prominance windows are adaptable to develop attractive designs, ranges and wooden finish
laminated profiles

UV Resistance

Prominanace windows offer 100% UV resistance with right amount of TI02, which helps in retaining whiteness against exposure to sun

Bug Mesh Options

Mosquitoes and other bugs are a big menace To Protect against Insects, We have bug mesh option available for our sliding systems


Prominance windows do not warp, twist or split Impact modifiers in our profiles are treated with special additives, thereby making the material extremely long lasting

Stronger Couplers

Our unique coupler designs for large windows offer stronger resistance to wind loads


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be maintained by avoiding interior energy loss (generally 37% through windows) Prominance windows reduce energy loss by over 30% thereby reducing energy costs

Excellent Cost Benefit Ratio

uPVC profiles save a lot of costs in terms of maintenance & saving energy when compared to Timber frames which are approximately 40% – 50% more expensive

High Weather Resistance

Prominance windows are specially developed keeping in mind the tropical humidity prevalent in India Long exposures to sun, rain, wind & moisture cannot affect the window quality or durability

100% Recyclable

Prominance avoids contributing to deforestation by using wood alternatives Prominance windows and doors are 100% lead free & recyclable

Impact Resistance

Prominance windows are uniquely designed and specially formulated to withstand high Impacts during handling and installation